About Me & Our Mission

Hello! I'm Kirralee, the founder of Pixie Paws Pets. I've always had a huge passion for all animals, especially in exceeding the expectations of whatever is the current 'acceptable' care to provide. As a little example, a few years before we started our pet store, we had rats - not that my husband was very excited about the idea - haha! However, we built an amazing mansion for our total of 6 rats, a huge wooden wagon - with wheels - for them to enjoy! I've always gone above and beyond for our pets, providing them with the best products and toys I could find. With the constant inspiring support from my husband, the sky's the limit for what we can and will achieve!

Our mission, though it may be a big one, is to achieve a change in how pet and produce stores house their pets and sell unsafe products for our beloved pet family. That's why I started Pixie Paws Pets; it's not just a pet store; it's a place to learn and thrive to do better for our precious pet families!

Passion for Rescue

My parents are both animal lovers, and being brought up in such an animal and pet-loving home has fueled my consistent passion for all animals. During my teenage years, I was involved in wildlife caring alongside my mum in Tasmania. We also spent a few months overseas wildlife caring in Belgium—an experience I will never forget!

Previously, during a challenging time in my life as a teen, I volunteered at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Hobart, Tasmania. That's where I fell in love with the idea of a rescue center for wildlife; the work they do there inspired me and fueled my passion to one day open my own rescue. As my passion has developed over the years, with both the love I have for birds, my ultimate goal is to open a rescue for all pets, from as small as mice and rats to as large as horses.

Even though we are far from this goal as of now, we have started this venture by being able to take in surrendered and rescue parrots and parakeets. Since we began back in 2020, we have provided a loving home and found loving homes for over 300 surrenders. If you are looking for a new companion, please consider one of our lovely parrots. Help them help you, and help us continue giving parrots a loving forever home.

🕊 Providing these wonderful birds with their second chance one bird at a time 🕊