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Date Seed Balls

Date Seed Balls

Dates labelled rutob or Tamar are most common. They have dark brown, wrinkly skin, and a sticky sweet interior, Add these into some of your birds favorite type of seed mix, and WALLA you have yourself a tasty Date Treat Ball!

Item List

  • Mixing Bowl
  • Optional: Mixing Spoon


Step 1: If needed, Remove all the pits from the dates

Step 2:  Squish your mixed dates together till they start forming a sticky ball.

Step 3: Add your Parrots preferred seed and Mash them up all together using either your hands or mixing spoon.

Step 4: Once your Dates and seed are mashed all into each other, take small amounts out and roll them into your preferred sized balls.

Step 5: Serve to your Parrots and watch as they munch on their new yummy Date Seed Ball Treats!

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