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Birdie Bagel, Crinkle Shred and Finger Trap Ring

The components needed for this toy are

  • Plastic Hoop
  • Finger Traps
  • 1'' Birdie Bagels
  •  Crinkle Shred
  • Length of Plastic Chain
  • Stainless Steel open O-ring


Assemble the bunches of crinkle shred used to fill the finger traps as follows:

  1. Straighten numerous individual strands of crinkle shred
  2. Assemble about (20) strands of crinkle shred by aligning the tip of each strand.
  3. Fold the bunch of crinkle shred pieces in half so all ends are in the same location.
  4. Twist the mid-point of the bunch of crinkle shred to keep the pieces of shred together. They'll form a tall thin pyramid.
  5. Make numerous crinkle shred bunches in the same fashion
  6. The end of each bunch will be uneven (ragged). If you’re using two or more colors of crinkle shred, the pieces may not all be the same length (as is the case with the brown and yellow strands in the photos. The yellow pieces are about 1/2” longer than the brown pieces.
  7. You can leave the shred bunches uneven, or you may trim them so the lengths are
    approximately even. 
  8. Bend a finger trap around the plastic hoop. The ends of the finger trap should be even the same height over the hoop on each side of the hoop. Secure the finger trap by passing a 1” birdie bagel over both ends of the finger trap and sliding the bagel down until it touches the plastic hoop.       
  9. Continue adding finger traps held by birdie bagels until the entire plastic hoop is covered. It maybe necessary to stagger the bagels as was done in the toy at the top of this tutorial. 
  10. Once the finger traps and bagels are all in place, fill each finger trap with one or two crinkle shred bunches – depending on how many pieces of crinkle shred are in each bunch. I find that two (2) bunches of twenty (20) strands of crinkle shred are best in each side of the finger trap. 
  11. It’s easiest to fill each side of the finger trap if you push the finger trap down from the end towards the hoop – insert the crinkle shred bunches as far into the hole as they’ll go – pull up the finger trap tube. You can make the toy a bit more challenging by tightening a loop made of a
    2mm x 100mm zip tie around each finger trap piece. 
  12. Once all finger traps have been filled with crinkle shred bunches (and zip ties added if you want to do so), attach the plastic chain to the hoop with the Stainless-steel open O-ring. Be certain the fully close the O-ring and closely align the two ends of the wire to reduce the risk of
There are numerous opportunities to use color to make a most dramatic appearance with this toy.
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