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Apple Treat Feeder

Apple Treat Feeder

This delightfully fun forgaing treat will get your parrots to not only enjoy a tasty treat but also enjoy foraging around and in the apple to find some yummy Sunflower seeds to!

Items List

  • 1 Apple
  • Apple Corer
  • Bird Safe String/Twin


Step 1: Carefully remove the core from the apple, preferably by using a corer. Make sure all apple seeds have been removed.

Step 2: Push the sunflower seeds into the outside of the apple, Alternatively you can push sunflower seeds just into the top half of the apple.

Step 3: Make perches for your birds by pushing one stick into either side of the apple without piercing all the way through the apple, near the bottom.

Step 4: Tie the string around the center of the last stick and thread it through the core of the apple.

Step 5: Once you have made your apple bird feeder, Place inside your Aviary or Bird cage and watch as your Parrot/Parrakeets enjoy their new Apple Treat Feeder. Another great idea is hanging it outside in one of your tree's for the wild birds to enjoy too!

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